Acrylic paintings on gallery wrap canvas. Stylized renditions of where we live.

I try to infuse each scene with the coziness of the home environment by placing houses, out buildings, fences and items of interest such as bicycles in creative and pleasing compositions.  The paintings are done exclusively with rollers and sponges to better interpret the subject in my own artistic style.

   My most recent series:  “Urban – Suburban”


    The Figures

Our lives are made in the small moments each day, sitting alone or with friends in conversation, over a glass of wine. Maybe tending flowers in your garden or catching a glimpse of light in your house upon returning home. That feeling, the profound recognition of humanity at ease, is my subject. If my art brings a smile or a nonverbal connection, on any level, to just a few kindred spirits, my mission is accomplished!  Indulge your sense of well being by adding art to your home today!