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Welcome to my website! Here you will find info about me and my work, original paintings and hand pulled serigraphs. Take a virtual tour of my studio. Browse the ‘Last Call’ section for serigraph end of editions and Artist Proofs and find the location of galleries  representing my work. Get a map to my Gallery & studio for a real-time visit to see the complete selection of my art work, including items from my personal collection now for sale!  Contact me from the contact page to order any of the art work for your collection or as a special gift. I ship art directly from my studio for your convenience. Browse around, but email me if you have questions or to contact me for any reason. I do not accept credit cards and some of the items are one of a kind or very limited so please call or email me directly to order or for more info.

Read the latest installment of the Orr Studios newsLETTER and sign up for the next one on the newsLETTER page.  While you are on line check out my husband’s web site here: He is a great painter and you will enjoy his work. You can take a virtual tour of the wonderful galleries who represent his work as well.

Thanks for visiting. Bookmark this site and COME BACK SOON.

Sincerely, Rita

Since the very first humans made art on cave walls I am certain that all things aesthetic are elemental for the well being of mankind. Personally, the need and appreciation for beautiful things gives me the philosophy that artists (of all kinds) exist to insure that the aesthetic element is provided for all humanity.      Rita Orr