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Read the current and past issues of the newsLETTER from the links below.  I write it from the studio shared with my husband, Joseph Orr, who is a painter of landscapes.  Published every two months, the Orr Studios newsLETTER carries news of new paintings, coming events, tales of our travels and tid bits of the artist’s life.  I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

"Summer Cottage", by Rita Orr
“Summer Cottage”, by Rita Orr

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Vol 4. No 6  December, 2017  “Changes, Changes..”

Vol 4. No 5  October, 2017 “Trending Toward Bliss”

Vol 4. No 4  August, 2017 “One For The Bucket List”

Vol 4. No 3 June, 2017 “When It Rains, It Pours”
Vol 4. NO 2  April, 2017   “Time & Tide”
Vol 4  No 1    February, 2017  “Innocent Years”
Vol 3  No 6   Dec, 2016     “A Brush of Holiday Cheer”  

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